Let's make clear on this occasion a fact that few people know and even fewer know how to explain.

What does this chain number (520, 525, etc.) refer to and what is its relation to the sprockets?

When we are interested in changing the chain of the bike, the first thing we will discover is that the chain has a certain size for our bike, for example 525. With this information, we will know that the sprockets and chain MUST CORRESPOND TO THAT SIZE.

But what does 525 mean? Is it an arbitrary number?

NO, this number has a meaning.

Let's take our top of the range DID 525 ZVM-X motorbike chain as an example to explain what the numbers mean:

525: the 5 refers to the pitch of the chain: the distance between the pins that join the plates, so all chains that start with 5 have the same pitch, no matter who makes them.

Why 5? because the measurement is based on the imperial system and the distance mentioned is 5/8 of an inch (on a 428... it will be 4/8 on a 630... you've got it, right?

525: the 25 refers to the inside width of the chain between the plates, and is also a ratio that derives from inches. On a 4
15 the measurement will be 15/80 x 25.4mm (1 inch), a 520... 20/80 x 25.4mm A 525 25/80 x 25.4mm (1") It follows that a 525 is NARROWER then a 530, but has the same pitch between links.

ZVM-X is the type of chain according to the manufacturer's classification, and is more arbitrary. It usually denotes the quality and type of rings it carries. As an example, D.I.D.'s VM-X series is a high strength chain with a low friction X-ring.

Another information we can find next to this is the length of the chain, for example 525 ZVM-X 120, where this number (120) refers to the number of pitches or rivets or links. So a chain with this number (120) will have a pitch of 525(5/8) and 120 rivets counting the connecting link. 60 inner plates, and 60 outer plates joined together, which create a chain with 120 "holes", holes where the teeth of the sprocket and the pinion fit. In short, 120 links

As we said at the beginning, the sprockets must correspond to the size of the chain so that everything fits perfectly, so we have sprockets of all pitches corresponding to the type of motorbike chain from 415 to 630.

An important remark: 520, 525 and 530, have the same pitch, but, the roller is wider in a 530 than in a 525 and a 525 wider than 520, so it is not possible to mount a 530 chain on a 520 or 525 sprocket, or a 525 on a 520

To finish, and because a picture is worth a thousand words, we leave here a graphic of the chain and its measurements and the table corresponding to the DID chains in all the sizes available for motorbikes.


Medidas cadena did para todo tipo de motos

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