IMPERDIBLE ¿Cómo limpiar, tensar y engrasar la cadena de tu moto?

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Mejor kit de cadena DID para HONDA AFRICA TWIN CRF 1000 Y CRF 1100

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Mejor kit de cadena DID para BMW F 900 R y XR

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Mejores kit de cadena DID para KMT EXC

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Ultimas Actualizaciones DID Junio 2020

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Last Updates DID Racing Chain Catalogue May 2020

DID Chain & Sprockets Kit for Motorcycles? We got it!And What chain do you wear?Find the last updates in our DID chain catalogueWe Offer the BEST DID Chain and Sprockets kit for your bike
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Mejor kit de cadena DID para YAMAHA Tracer 700

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Mejor kit de cadena DID para BMW F 850 GS

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RK Chain Kits

In our online store you will find RK chain kits for all motorcycles on the market with worldwide shipments. Configure your chain kit with just a few clicks. Our RK Chain and sprockets kits, the arrangement with chains for motorcycle RK chain, brand world champion of Moto GP and SBK 2018 and sprockets and plates of JT Sprockets, ESJOT GmbH, AFAM Belgium, ZF Poland or SITTA Italy Because in we only offer the best for your motorcycle.

The Best RK Transmission Kit

At we put at your disposal everything in chain RK Chain kits and KDA chain kits, our selection of RK chiain kits for motorcyle.
Configure your kit with just a few clicks. Choose the color of your RK chain and the resistance you need in the RK chain. Select the best combination of sprockets for your bike. The best? That we send to your RK chain kit for your bike anywhere in the world. Our RK motorcycle chains are all prestressed and pre-stretched in the manufacturing process, for superior performance, and to minimize stretching during the service life of the chain.

Buy a RK Transmission Kit 

kits for motorcycles composed front and rear sprockets and chain with the highest quality that only RK chains can offer. You can buy your transmission kit with the best features for your motorcycle. Because we know you can not play with your chain kit we only offer you high quality kits.
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